Yay High is Hustling in the Trenches, East Lansing



Based out of East Lansing, Yay High is beginning where they left off 2 years ago with their debut project Sour Milk. The band consists of the multi-talented Evan Ashworth and Andrew Younker, who trade off with singing, guitar and bass duties, while Benjamin Hickey goes wild on the drums.  With three extremely talented members, they are starting to create an identity for themselves with live shows around the campus of Michigan State University. Due to limited time and equipment, they haven’t had the chance to record their new material, so instead of sitting around and waiting for an opportunity to record, they have begun playing their new music at live shows.

Andrew Younker has already proven that he is a bonafide talent, racking up thousands of plays with his solo work, which you can find here. Benjamin Hickey has also found success with solo projects, which have a unique sound that separate him from your typical pop or electronic compositions. Listen to his stuff here. Evan Ashworth has yet to release any solo projects but he has been quietly recording in the shadows for some time now, and a project may or may not be imminent.

I gave the three a call and asked them a few questions. Evan had class and couldn’t make it.



What’s the word on the new project?


We have a bunch of songs we haven’t recorded.

Those are songs you are performing right now, correct?


Most of the songs we perform now is unrecorded. I would say like half of it is unrecorded material.

So, you guys are just testing them out right now?


Yeah, and also, we just can’t really record them right now.

Ok, so breakdown your writing process for me? Who does what during the process?




Since Andrew doesn’t want to answer the question (laughs), I’ll take this one for us. Andrew or Evan will come up with a riff and we’ll build a song around it. We kind of just jam around, throw lyrics on the song and play it at a show. Evan is involved in the drums too because he can also play drums.


Also, whoever writes the song, writes the lyrics. It’s not that serious, it just kind of happens.

Do your solo projects influence any of your Yay High material?


If you listen to any of our music, you won’t any similarities between them.


Yeah, because we use our solo stuff as another outlet, they don’t really have crossover with Yay High.

Ok, lets shift gears for a minute now so we can wrap this up. How was your last house show?


Yeah, it was fun, we had a great crowd and people really seemed to have a good time. Thanks to the house for having us, shout out to Chris and the rest of the boys. It was crowded and fun. What more can you ask for.


Who is a band or artist that you guys take influence from?


Probably Ty Segall.


I would say John Dwyer from Thee Oh Sees.


Yeah, they probably have a more comparative sound to us.



Check out Yay High here and make sure to follow Yay High and each of the bandmates on Twitter to keep up with their shows and releases.

Evan Ashworth

Benjamin Hickey

Andrew Younker

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