Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Sam Austins, Detroit’s Newest Star

In this hip hop climate, being a versatile artist can help set you apart from the over saturated market that is SoundCloud. This is very apparent when you look at rappers like XXXTENTACION, who can range from boom-bap to trap, and Lil Yachty who can go from bubble-gum trap to straight up pop music.

Detroit native Sam Austins has a unique sound that ranges from singing over pop-trap tracks to him spitting over hard trap beats. I urge you to listen to “FIJI” (which nojumper’s Adam22 gave a personal shout out to), and then put on “Lowkey”. The differences between the two tracks are very clear. Both try completely different things yet still manage to execute fantastically. This kind of versatility will take Sam Austins a long way, however after listening to most of his discography I believe the more pop-trap tracks are where he excels.

When Austins brings his addicting flow and lyricism over bouncy and bright beats you begin to wonder just how long it will take before we hear him on the radio. My favorite song by Austins has to be “Right Here 4 U”. The production by Gosh Pitt compliments Austins strong suits perfectly. It’s the more pop oriented songs like this that bring out the best in him.

Two years ago Austins released a project titled “GOAT EP”, a project that has many standouts, such as “Everything”, “Work All Summer”, and “YCEWU”. This tape shows his harder and fiercer side, which is what he originally started with. This project did a great job at establishing himself as a legit artist in the Detroit scene. Only one track on here is under 3,000 plays– pretty good for a debut project.

After that however, Sam Austins was relatively quiet on SoundCloud for most of the next year. Recently he has begun to get more and more traction through his collaborations with producers that you wouldn’t expect him to work with if you came from GOAT EP. Also, as mentioned earlier, nojumper’s Adam22 played Austins track FIJI on his snapchat. This obviously brought quite a bit of traffic to the song, as Adam22 is one of the hottest “tastemakers” on the internet right now.

His two most recent songs show his growth as an artist since his debut project. We see an improvement in melody and flow more than anything else. If he stays on this path, it will be very exciting to see where Austins goes.

Sam Austins is one of the most promising acts coming from Detroit, he is a complete package and one to look out for.

Check him out here.

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