Upcoming Artist Spotlight: C. Robin, The Calm Before The Storm

In a musical climate where anyone can upload a song and call themselves a rapper or singer, many artists get caught in the clutter and have a hard time distancing themselves from the crowd. But when you have a sound like Michigan native C. Robin, a sound that is so unique, yet so familiar, it makes things considerably easier. Rapper and singer C. Robin has been in the game for some time, making beats and uploading them to YouTube all the way back to his middle school days. Before he ever thought of releasing his own music, he was primarily a producer, “I’m much more comfortable doing production,” C. Robin admitted when asked whether he liked producing better or releasing solo projects, “…but then I was making songs like July, I was like damn, no one else could do this on the beat”. When listening to C. Robin you hear slices of inspiration here and there, but for the most part he manages to create his own sound that makes it hard to pigeon hole him and say that he’s like this artist or that artist. His first project, Goofey Tunes, consisted of sampled beats turned trap banger’s, creating a sound that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. This project became huge on online forum KanyeToThe, forming the groundwork for a small yet dedicated fan base.

Versatility is a great weapon in the music scene, and C. Robin has it. With his newest project, Order 66, he took a more pop oriented direction. Instead of a collection of sampled beats, C. Robin worked hard to improve his songwriting and music theory in order to make more complete and intimate compositions, “When I was making Order 66, I was heavy into writing… I would write for hours,” he said about his songwriting technique while making his newest project, “Frank Ocean is who made me want to write… the compositions and shit, I was inspired by Stevie Wonder”.

Ever since the release of Order 66, C. Robin has gained hundreds of followers on SoundCloud, now sitting at over 1.1k followers. If you follow him on Twitter, you quickly notice his “marketing” methods are somewhat unorthodox when compared to other artists on Twitter. He usually sends one tweet out and people flock to the link and share the song for him, the music is so good it promotes itself. The amount of talent in C. Robin is undeniable, and the future is looking bright. He has developed a relationship with Az Cohen, Post Malone’s manager and Lyor Cohen’s son of 300 Records, “I would just call him, we talk and he gives me advice”. An Az Cohen cosign at 18 years old, not too shabby if you ask me.

Fans of C. Robin will be pleased to hear that he has new music dropping very soon, and a lot of it at that, “I have so much music… I’m making like three songs a day,” when asked about his future plans, “…starting in October I’m going to put out like two songs a month”.

It’s hard to describe someone as versatile and talented like C. Robin, but he said it best himself, “I’m a mix of Rick James and My and My Drank by Lil Wayne”. If you aren’t already on board the C. Robin train, it’s leaving very soon. With this much talent it seems unrealistic to think he won’t blow up, and the success he’s had so far is only the calm before the storm.

Check out his newest project Order 66 right here, and look out for new music later this month.

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