As I sit in this quaint coffee shop, I can feel the passion exuding from the opposite side of the table. On that side sits Ty Harris, the 18 year-old designer and founder of the clothing brand STABLE FAITH. Harris started designing in 2016 when he started his first brand, Victim Studios. When asked how he got started in clothes, Harris said, “I was always into clothes, and being in school, I never had a stick. I wasn’t an athlete, I wasn’t the smartest, but I always had the fits”. Victim Studios had limited success and was a good first step in his journey into the fashion world, “I felt like after that I could do anything, I remember that night, I just threw it on Twitter and I got the PayPal notifications and was surprised that people were buying it”.

Now that Harris has solidified himself as an upcoming force in the fashion world, he has been working on what he calls “my favorite collection yet” for the Spring/Summer of 2018. The collection is entitled “Closer, As I Remember It.”. He’s planning on showing the collection at New York Fashion Week in early February. When asked what this collection means to him, Harris answered, “This project is really just an epilogue to an important chapter in my life. I think of it as a big poem, every piece is a stanza. A collection of wrong turns and dead ends, like a labyrinth except I never see the monster I’m running from. I just run out of habit. I tend to use the garments to fight my more personal battles and it’s worked for me so far so I think this will be even more successful considering everyone can relate to it”. I followed up by asking Harris what else can we expect from him in 2018, and he answered “Other than that, just working on stocking STABLE in your favorite online retailers. I don’t think I can talk about them yet until its finalized with the buyers but yeah haha definitely a great way to start the year”.

With all that being said, look out for Ty Harris in 2018. With his online sales doing numbers and his clothes in boutiques from the United States to Shanghai, China, Harris is primed for a breakout year in 2018. You can STABLE FAITH at www.stable-faith.com, or on Instagram as @stabledesigns. You can find Ty himself on Instagram, @tyharrisx.

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