True Blue

Diving into the music world of Detroit can be pretty overwhelming. It seems like there is so much material and so much going on. One band that really cuts through the noise is The True Blue. The band is already doing numbers on Spotify (14,593 monthly listeners) and has played a number of live gigs that have been received with very high acclaim. I had a chance to sit down with the lead singer of the band, Christian Koo. Here’s our conversation:

1. Who are you?

“My name is Christian Koo. I play in a group called The True Blue, which consists of Ben Wilkins, Koda Hult, Jake Burkey and, me”.
2. How did you get started in music?

“I started playing piano around age 4, & played in school band throughout middle & high school. Music’s always been very present in my life”.
3. Who are your musical/artistic inspirations?

“The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Frank Ocean, Donald Glover, Judd Apatow, to name a few”.
4. Describe your creative process

“We make songs that adhere to certain emotions or personal situations in our lives. The most challenging part of the process is making a feeling tangible, into a song. Something you can always revisit or reflect on, whether it’s happy, sad, or anything in between”.
5. “What is the message you want to send with your music?

For us, the music is pure expression. It’s everything we need to say put out there. If people hear our music & find a connection to it or relate in any way, then the message is unique to every individual”.
6. Describe your musical journey so far, where have the arts taken you?

“This band is a fairly new project. Our first single was released in June of 2016, & the ride has been exhilarating thus far. We’ve just been so thrilled to be writing, releasing, & performing the kind of music we want to. The experiences with those we’ve connected with along the way have been crazy, too. It’s amazing to hear from people we haven’t met saying they can connect with us our music and how it’s helped them in a difficult situation. It makes everyone feel a little less alone. It’s just the start for us. There’s a lot we’ve yet to experience & we’re excited for it”.
7. Any Upcoming shows?

January 6th 2018, Ghost Light (Free Show!)
8. Any specific creative direction set out for the whole band or is it about just being individuals?

“Obviously, we celebrate our individuality but it’s our vision, ideas, & friendship that bring it all together to create one entity”.
9. Favorite performance?

“We’ve performed a handful of times & they’ve all felt surreal, big or small. I couldn’t pin it to just one yet”.
10. Reason for name of band (The True Blue)?

“‘Blue’ being used to describe night, which we feel like a lot of our songs trigger imagery associated with nighttime. Personally speaking, it’s hard not to feel more from a song at night, whether you’re driving or alone in your room. In the evening, I feel more vulnerable & ready to receive any message the artist wants to put out. “Blue” is also used to describe sadness. Our songs offer us a way to express all the negative thoughts & feelings that come with coping or loss, which has been the subject matter for a lot of our content. It’s not about dwelling. It’s about expressing & moving on, but at the same time being able to revisit that version of yourself in the end. You can’t get better without discussing the issue or putting it out there for someone to hear”.

You can follow the band on Instagram and Twitter @inwiththeblue and Christian himself @christiankoo

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