The Influence of Scott Mescudi

Kid Cudi

To call Scott Mescudi, or Kid Cudi, just a rapper would be an enormous understatement. Cudi influenced the hip-hop world with not only his rap skills, but also widening the genre itself. His 2015 release, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven has been classified by Cudi himself as an alternative rock album. Cudi helped integrate rock music into the hip-hop world.

Mescudi not only opened up the hip-hop world to integrating musical styles, he also helped open the genre to understand mental health on a deeper level. Cudi helped people such as myself find my identify with music that discussed mental health, and dealing with depression. If not for Scott Mescudi, many lives could be in a completely different position. Cudi describes himself as the “big brother” and he very much is. His music is a guide to the potholes in life, from dealing with the lows such as depression and suicidal urges, to the highs like pretty girls knowing your name and getting to do what you love for a career.

Through his music Cudi has influenced many rappers in the game today. Without Cudi there is no Kanye West as we know him today. West called Cudi “the most influential artist of the past ten years”. Cudi’s influence is very clear on many of Kanye’s projects, most notably 808’s and Heartbreaks, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and The Life Of Pablo. Without the help of Cudi,, Kanye wouldn’t have the transformed rap in the way he did.

Kid Cudi came out of oblivion to be a voice of our generation. His voice was one that represented people on the margins of hip-hop. Mental health has always been a taboo subject in rap, but when Cudi came out with such a great sound and a great message mental health was finally addressed in a big way in the rap community.

The part about Cudi that makes his music so relatable to fans is that he really struggles with mental health. In October of 2016 he checked himself into rehab citing “depression and suicidal urges”. In his long heartfelt post on Facebook Cudi went on to say “I am not at peace. I haven’t since you’ve known me. If I didn’t come here, I would’ve done something to myself I simply am a damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions everyday of my life”.

Cudi is so close to his fans because he is very genuine, and his music makes us feel as though we have guide through life. Cudi details his own struggles to let people who struggle with those issues know that they are not alone. He gives up his story for the masses to devour, to “let the kids they aren’t alone” in this life.

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