On the Brink of Blowing Up, PARAMAXX is Here To Make a Name For Himself


There is something special about seeing a star in the making. Witnessing the process and growth of an artist right before your eyes is rare and astounding. What is even more rare is when a young artist so obviously displays signs of future success. Michigan’s own, formerly Donnie Purpp, now Paramaxx is currently on a grind that I just haven’t seen before. He is an artist that is one big song away from taking the spotlight by the neck and shining it on himself. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will. His unique and rugged production begs for your attention, with his bass boosted 808’s, a hard flow with some swing, and deep cutting lyrics in a world of fake deep introspective bullshit, Paramaxx stands out from the crowd. His talent at such a young age is staggering.

His recent project, ULTRAMANIA, was completely produced by himself. These aren’t your basic 2017 trap beats, he manages to incorporate the popular aggressive bass lines with hazy flows and superb lyricism. He takes a familiar sound but advances it to places I haven’t yet seen. Trap is becoming oversaturated and a culture of biting and copying has swept over, so any hip hop fans have to appreciate what Paramaxx is doing with the genre. There is no denying he has potential, just ask ROJAS. The “Look at Me!” producer was quick to jump on PARAMAXX’s boat. Just look at ROJAS’ album from earlier this year, PARAMAXX is all over it. Yeah, you read that right, a Detroit rapper representing the city on a project like that. I was shocked to see how such little attention was given to PARAMAXX after placements on a project by one of the hottest producers in the game right now. It seems like he’s doing everything to get people’s attention, but he still has yet to really break through.  It’s only a matter of time until that ceiling breaks and he gets his chance.

I gave PARAMAXX a call the other day to ask him some questions, and his personality definitely matches the music. He speaks with a humble yet confident demeanor, he knows he will make it, he knows how great his music is, and he knows he has the potential to be huge. But he also doesn’t take anything for granted. While talking about his experience with ROJAS, I asked him if that opportunity changed the way he handled his career, he told me it acted as reassurance to what he already knew, “…when Risk$ came out it was just clarification that my shit was tight, I always knew that if I could get my music heard by the masses it would go crazy,” one of his first songs with ROJAS, Risk$, is currently sitting at 375,000 plays, “that whole thing just made me trust myself more… it made me go with my gut more, that was all my gut”. At 19, PARAMAXX is still growing as a person and artist, this led to his name change.

His progression as an artist revealed a new side of his music, and they had a certain identity that the Donnie Purpp moniker just wasn’t representing, “I just got to a point where I was a way better artist, I was a whole new artist… I just felt like I’m my own person and I don’t want my name connected to other people (such as Smokepurpp),” he later explained the name PARAMAXX, “Para means contrary to… at that time of my life I felt like I was at ground-zero… my life was really dark, contrary to maximum is ground-zero, that’s where the name came from”.

It is more than exciting to see where 2018 will take PARAMAXX, he has big things on the way and he wants to tear the game up, and I have a feeling he just might, “Dead Hearts Club, 2018, it’s gonna be happy, but keep listening to ULTRAMANIA, you won’t understand Dead Hearts Club if you don’t give ULTRAMANIA a listen”.

Well, you heard the man, get listening early before this star starts shining. Next year might just be his time.


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