Nate Sturley, The Enigma

Nate Sturley is an enigma. I begin every interview by asking the person to explain who they are and what they do, most people give very standard boiler-plate answers. Nate did not. He answered “I don’t consider myself a photographer, I don’t consider myself an artist either, I’m just Nate, and I just make things that I like” When it happened I didn’t think anything of it, but going back and re-listening to the interview and talking to Nate a couple more times made me realize something. Nate Sturley isn’t a photographer or an artist at all, he is a window into a world much more colorful and imaginative than most of us can comprehend existing in.

Sturley seems to see the world through a different lens than the average person. His perspective manifests itself into his photography, which is full of very vivid colors, sharp and interesting angles, all with a very bold and daring edge. Sturley is in the process of releasing a project he recently did focusing on mirrors, he has been releasing his progress on Instagram and plans to drop a look book for the project in the coming months.

More recently Sturley has been anxious about expanding his medium from photography into videography and film direction. He recently filmed a music video for local Detroit rapper Young Roc. I asked him about that experience “I shot my first music video and I had a lot of help, and it made it 20, 30x easier, and if I would’ve done it on my own I would be satisfied but I wouldn’t be as satisfied as I’m going to be now”. He also talked about a short film he wants to get off the ground, not in to much detail but I can say that he wants it starring Plus’s own creative director Suber.

Sturley has proven himself to be one of the most creative and imaginative minds on photography in Detroit. Sturley has showed off these qualities en masse doing shoots with Big Sean for PUMA, Tee Grizzley, HBK (HeartBreak Kid of DBC), and many more legends of Detroit. Sturley’s reputation only seems to be growing, and with the work he puts out it’s very hard to see it stopping anytime soon.

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