Brother Son

Allow me to introduce you to one of the hottest bands in Detroit. Brother Son has been making waves since its foundation at the beginning of this year. The band consists of Frank Harrington who leads with his vocals and guitar, Jimmy Walkup onbass, Chris Pecorelli on drums, and Drew Gijsbers on keyboard. When asked how the band got together Harrington said, “It started out with me and Chis jamming out for about two months. Then Chris sent some of our recordings to Jimmy and he wrote some bass lines for one of the songs we recorded(Magical). And then Drew dropped out of Michigan State and we needed more melody and he was an easy choice”.
The band released their debut single Truth Inside in early March of 2017. The song garnered a good amount of success, and has since reached almost 7,000 plays on SoundCloud. Shortly after that they released their debut EP titled Young and Pretty. The EP contained four songs, Confidence, All I Wanted, Magical, and Blue Dream. When asked about the message of the EP Walkup said, “Inadvertently there was a message, just about having a good time” Harrington added “It’s supposed to put you in a good spot, help you escape a little bit”

After the release of the EP the band started playing shows at a blistering pace. From the time of their first show in late February of 2017, the band estimates that they have done about 20 shows in the last 9 months. They have played venues ranging from St. Andrews Hall, to venues in numerous houses around metro Detroit, and each show has brought out a fanatic crowd and a copious amount of energy that seems to pulsate from the stage. When you see them in person you can truly feel the passion that they play with, and the fans have reacted very positively.
With a plethora of shows played, singles released, and a healthy buzz around their music, the band released their debut album on November 25th, 2017. The album, also titled Young and Pretty, contains 12 tracks. They included the four from the EP, and the singles Growth and Truth Inside. The album contained six new songs, Rock N’ Roll, Yeyo, Daddy Issues, Omnipresence, and an Intro and Interlude. When asked about the message of the album Walkup said, “It’s a peek behind the kimono. It’s a nice skim off the top of that easier side of us. There’s a couple surprises in store with what’s on the album. It’s a snippet of what we have to offer”. Harrington added, “We have ties to messages like being yourself, growing into yourself. We’re young, we’re still growing and taking each day at a time”.

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