Artist Spotlight: EccentricDanny

Artist Spotlight: EccentricDanny

Detroit native and artist EccentricDanny is a man of many talents. He is a self described “Painter, Graphic Designer, Poet, and Photographer”. He is best known as one of the co-founders of SBOY Printing and SBOY’s non-profit brand Enjoy Detroit (SBOY stands for Successful Brothers of Detroit).


When I met EccentricDanny in his Detroit studio, the first thing to catch my eye was a canvas painting of Kanye West with the Confederate Flag as the background. This painting is the perfect example of EccentricDanny’s art, he makes art that makes you think, he makes art with a deep message. When asked about the message he wants to send with his art, he responded, “The message I want to send out there is about expansion of the mind. I want to push the envelope and have people think in different ways, to show different perspectives”.

This up and coming artist from Detroit certainly maxes out the potential use of the word Eccentric, he does damn near everything. You can scroll down his Instagram page and find short stories and poems, his amazing paintings, and the custom prints he works on for SBOY Printing. I asked Danny how he approached each project, and what his creative process is and he answered, “My creative process consists of deep meditation, either in silence or just me vibing to some music. Either way isolation is key”.

While working on art dominates most of his time, EccentricDanny still finds time and ways to give back to the community. “This coming Monday I’m teaching a high school class about different art and poetry techniques, at Henry Ford High School. I taught at a couple different High Schools last year and mentored a number of young Artists from Detroit”.

With 2018 still so young expect big things from EccentricDanny. He’s working on a number of projects including “100 Faces” a series that he is doing on artists and people making a positive impact in Detroit. He is also working on another project called “Stigmas and Social Inequalities that Ruined a Nation”. Stay tuned, because EccentricDanny has a bright future ahead of himself.


You can find him on all social media @EccentricDanny.


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